Off-road park users being overlooked

Reader Input
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The Auburn Recreation District debate over use of funds has been an interesting read (Journal, April 25). However, as a tax-paying citizen of Placer County, I’m a little upset over the specific uses of funds for favored groups. Building trails for walkers, horses and joggers is discriminatory —where are the dual-sport/off-road vehicle trails? When is this very substantial group of owners going to get their fair-share of the pot? We pay our taxes, special fee licenses and taxes on fuel — and get a miserable Mammoth Bar (closed for the season) for our extra fees. How about letting the off-road rider use the trails a couple days of the week? We don’t leave poop that destroys water supplies, don’t eat the vegetation and have proven in may cases that we are responsible environmentalists. Maybe we should form a group that can bring pressure a la the “horse owners” at the ARD meetings. Won’t this idea shake up the establishment? Just thinking out loud. THOMAS BURKE, Auburn