Roads are for cyclists, as well

Reader Input
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I read Pamela Simning’s letter about bicyclists in the Journal (Sept. 23), and I share her anger at the five cyclists riding abreast who wouldn’t pull over. I can say that with over 50 years of serious cycling that such incidents are almost unheard of. Five? When did this occur, and did the riders have identifying jerseys? There are almost a half-dozen cycling clubs or groups in this greater area and not one of them would condone this or allow it on a club activity. They all promote single-file riding when in traffic. I also was struck by her comment about the bike rider who was struggling up Baxter Grade and was in “her” lane and trying to get into “his” lane. Pamela, Baxter Grade is a narrow road with little more than one lane. If you find it hard to drive on such roads without watching out for cyclists, joggers, deer, raccoons, etc., maybe you should confine your driving to larger roads and freeways. She seems upset that each year more cyclists use “our” public roads for “their” hobby. (They are “their” roads as well, Pamela.) Would she prefer that all cyclists instead be out in huge SUVs or motorcycles, obstructing the roads or riding up on her tail, driving up the price of gas, contributing to a large carbon footprint and the obesity epidemic? Will Smith, Auburn