Robin Hood: We need you

Reader Input
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Our government is expecting way too much from citizens and is sucking the life right out of its people without any concern for their well-being, just to bail them out of debt they created by their careless spending. They have made a bad habit of overspending at the expense of the people because they made it too easy for themselves to take what they want, when they want. As U.S. citizens, our government expects “us” to be more careful and responsible with our finances and if we’re not then we are held personally responsible for our irresponsible actions and “we” must pay for our mistakes. We cannot go around stealing from people to pay for our mistakes. This is not acceptable behavior and it is not legal. In case our government is not aware of this, our government is becoming a modern-day Prince John and unfortunately Robin Hood is nowhere to be found. Oh! And by the way, politicians: Overdraft charges can add up pretty quick. So for the sake of the poor people who you’re so kindly holding responsible for your irresponsible actions and behavior, please quit spending money you don’t have. It’s costing everyone else way too much in overdraft charges. Shellie Browning, Colfax