Rules of the road also apply to bikes

Reader Input
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I agree whole-heartedly with David Chaddock (Reader Input, July 21) regarding bicycles on Wise Road. I too live on Wise Road. The other day I was the second car in a line of cars following four bicyclists in front of us riding two abreast. The car in front of me felt it was unsafe to pass so we all waited until we got to the stop sign where the bicyclists did not stop. We were able to pass on Ophir Road as it has a bike lane. Now, when a trucker sees five cars behind them they normally pull over as a courtesy and let the cars pass. These bicyclists do not buy licenses for their bikes nor are they courteous and they do not obey the laws of the road. Wise Road does not have a bike strip. In fact, there is barely one foot of shoulder and in some places no shoulder at all. There is a double yellow line all the way to town on Wise Road which to normal people means do not pass. Riding bicycles on Wise Road should be prohibited. It is a disaster waiting to happen. There are bike lanes on Ophir Road and Taylor Road and I very seldom see a group of bicyclists on those roads. JAN DeMELLO, Auburn