Rush a mere diversion

Reader Input
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The outrage expressed by recent letter writers concerning Rush Limbaugh’s comments about a woman who wants free contraceptives begs a question, or three. What is the true source of their outrage? Did they write letters of outrage over the things Bill Maher said about Sarah Palin and other women? If not, why not? Let’s see if we can figure out the difference between Rush and Bill. What Rush said can be printed in the newspaper. What Bill said was so vile that it cannot be printed without editing. Rush apologized. Bill has not. Rush’s target was a liberal woman. Bill’s targets are conservative women. Bill recently donated $1 million to Mr. Obama’s reelection campaign. Rush has not. Whoa! We may have just swerved into the heart of the matter. If Rush had only donated $1 million toward Mr. Obama’s reelection then all of this could have been avoided. Actually, the truth is that Mr. Obama desperately needs to divert our attention away from the considerable damage he continues to inflict on the ability of both men and women to make a living. The price of gasoline is just the most recent example. So, the phony war on women was hatched to accomplish that purpose. No one I know of on the right is suggesting that contraceptives be outlawed. The only question is: Who should pay for them? It is truly bizarre that the obvious answer to that question causes some people to hyperventilate. Grant Shaw, Auburn