Sacramento woman takes her life on the Foresthill Bridge

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The Foresthill Bridge served as a platform for another suicide Thursday afternoon. Placer County Sheriff’s deputies found Melissa Gail Townley’s car unlocked on the east side of the bridge. Deputies spotted the 22-year-old Sacramento resident’s body in the river from a helicopter. A ground team recovered the body and took it to the morgue, said Dena Erwin, the Sheriff’s public information officer. The coroner identified the body as Townley. According to the Journal’s unofficial tally this makes 58 jumps off the 730-foot-high bridge in the past 36 years. But not all jumpers are reported to the media and the actual number might be much higher. The exact figure is the subject of an ongoing Journal investigation. Townley’s death marks the third apparent suicide from the Foresthill Bridge since the first of the year. ~Melody Stone