Saddened by Prop. 8 effort to limit basic rights

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I was literally brought to tears as I read about Proposition 8, making gay marriage illegal again. It saddens me to live in a time and place where people would dangle something as precious as the right to marry the one whom your heart belongs to, in a person’s face long enough for them to embrace it, just to turn around and snatch it out of their grasp. If you ask me, I believe it is a disgusting power trip. And, to be repulsed by the concept of teaching our children to love freely, and follow their hearts is pure ignorance. What repulses me is the thought of having to explain to my children that unless they choose the opposite sex, they may never be married. What difference does it make to you whether those two men, or women, who walked by you on the street yesterday walked by with rings on their fingers or not? Make your choice ... marital bliss for all who desire it, or the bliss of ignorance. Serena L. Vian Auburn