Safety not built into city bike route

Reader Input
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Recently, on approaching our driveway off a city street, a lady cyclist on the “bike route” created by the city almost collided with my vehicle. Had she not squeezed both her front and rear brake grips when intersecting with the public street, she would have T-boned my car and probably catapulted herself over my car to the pavement beyond. It really appeared to scare her. If the creators of our local bike route do not make safety concerns a priority for cyclists, I predict that some family is either going to be paying some heavy medical bills or attending a very sad funeral. There are intersections where cyclists are entering from the bike route onto streets where cars, trucks and other motor vehicles are legally traveling. I urge those city officials responsible for maintaining the bike route to take another look at the safety concerns of the cyclists we are inviting to travel our trails and city streets.   Beryl Smith, Auburn