Salary excessive to close public agency

Reader Input
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Reference articles in the Auburn Journal, dated Jan. 24, 25, re: dissolving of the (Placer) County redevelopment agency as it now exists, and basically the recreation of the same agency (slight name change, same function). The former agency head was paid (salary and benefits) $179,624 per year. The head of the newly renamed agency (basically) same responsibilities will be paid a total compensation (salary and benefits) of $179,849. I comprehend the argument that there will be much work to be done in winding down the agency. However, considering the fact that the county posted the position in December, looking for a replacement for the retiring director, at a salary range of $97,000-$118,000, it withdrew the posting in early February stating that they would not fill the position. So … there is basically a $61,000 difference between the position as was posted and the salary that is actually going to be paid to “one of our own.” Am I wrong in feeling that the “old boy network” is alive and well? This is taxpayer monies we are spending! SARA ANN OUGH, Auburn