Salary is only first part of the story

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The City of Roseville would have you believe that posting salary ranges online for city employees shows that they are not like Bell, Vernon or any other California city embroiled in controversial compensation practices. What the data from the City of Roseville doesn’t show is the total compensation costs for all employees including salaries, medical benefits and retirement benefits. A recent (Gold Country Media) article showed top City of Roseville managers with salaries of $180K, medical, vacation days, insurance, holidays and other forms of pay around $25K and contributions to CalPER’s for retirements of almost $70K per year for managers. That puts manager’s total compensation packages at almost $300K per year per manager. Not to mention golden handshakes and “bridges” into retirements from PARS (Public Agency Retirement Services). Also not to mention non-managerial compensation packages. Steve Mawhinney, Roseville