A saleswoman par excellence

Reader Input
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A few months ago I was very ill. I lost 40 pounds over a few months and was so sick I gradually had no clothes that would still stay on my new, skinny body. I was living in drawstring things I had to pick up off the floor to walk in, and was very weak. I had to contact a driver to even leave the house. I had been in and out of the fairly new store in Auburn and thought I could send someone over to buy some sweatpants with elastic at least. I called and a woman answered. I explained my needs and she asked if she could call back. I knew she was busy, it was lunchtime, etc. She not only called me back right after lunch, she had searched the store for any clothes that might fit my new body and had them all ready in a dressing room when I got there. She helped me in, sat me down, and started handing me clothes. I handed back the ones I wanted and she stayed with me the whole time. I was so happy I almost cried. And bought new shoes (on sale) on the way out, too. This woman showed the very best of classic, personal service and help that I remember from giant department stores of the past. She would be an excellent model for training in customer service that really pays off for everyone involved. By the way, I love the pants and shoes. Thank you, Mary Jo Smith, Auburn