Salon relationships can nurture, enlighten

By: Penne Usher Journal Correspondent
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Sometimes sitting in a stylist’s chair is about more than getting a haircut or color — it’s about sharing each other’s lives and stories. Argonauta Salon and Spa stylist Mary Rossitto, who grew up in Auburn, said her clients are more like friends and family. “We talk about vacations, hikes, community involvement,” she said. “It’s an intimate relationship.” Rossitto believes that when you share yourself, others will open up. “I have one client, an 82-year-old woman who tells the most amazing stories,” Rossitto said. The woman’s husband passed away and although it had been a few years, she hadn’t gotten rid of, nor gone through, his belongings. “She opened his wallet one day and found an old photo of herself inside,” Rossitto said. “She was touched, knowing that he had carried it with him all those years. People sometimes share the most intimate of things.” Crystal Witz, 23, has worked as a hair stylist at Visions Salon in Auburn for the past three years and has heard many stories from her clients. “I always ask my clients what is going on in their lives,” Witz said. “They can get their emotions out when they are getting their hair done.” One male client found that getting his hair cut by an attractive stylist almost caused problems at home. “When I first started doing hair I had this male client and he often talked about his wife and how nervous she was that I was doing his hair,” Witz said “She came in once, just to check out who was cutting her husband’s hair.” Kindra Anderson, owner of Visions, echoed the sentiments that clients are more like family. “Conversations are ongoing. We always pick up where we left off,” she said. “I keep up on what’s going on with the kids, vacations, everything.” Cynthia Cole-Micheels of Rocklin has been a client of Anderson’s for eight years and couldn’t imagine going anywhere else for her cut and color needs. “I asked around to find a salon and was told that Visions was the salon to go to,” Cole-Micheels said. “I’ve been here ever since. Kindra keeps me out of the bad hair-day hat.” Though clients might come in for just a haircut, oftentimes they get much more, including a chance to share their lives with friends who care.