Salvation Army is first a church

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It is often said The Salvation Army is a church with its sleeves rolled up, ready to serve those people who are in need of a hand-up. The Auburn Corps has a food bank for those people who are in need of food and other services, filling a gap that can help people stay in their homes. Every year The Salvation Army puts on a Thanksgiving dinner at Auburn’s Gold Country Fairgrounds. The food and the service provided are well-organized. It takes many people to put on an event like this, and volunteers play a major role. It is a good place to get away and enjoy a nice meal with lots of nice people. The Salvation Army offers many others services throughout the year, which can be found online. The most important thing many people do not realize : the Salvation Army is first and, foremost a church that is Christ-centered. The doors are always open for any and all people who want to attend the Sunday service at 11 a.m. We are always there to help build the bridge between humanity and Christianity. Richard Lutzoff, Auburn