Samaritans at home in Auburn

Reader Input
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Preparing to rebuild our deck, I went to Diamond Lumber, picked out some 2-by-6 redwood, tied it down on my small pickup and headed for home. Barely onto Atwood (Road), a larger pickup pulled alongside and the driver said, ?You lost part of your load at Diamond.? While turning around to return to Diamond, more boards slid onto the road. As I began re-loading boards, a guy pulls up, parks and begins to help me, just as the larger pickup returns and the driver, having a proper lumber rack on his truck, says, ?load them on my truck and I?ll take them home for you.? We returned to Diamond to retrieve the other boards, then he followed me home to Clipper Gap and helped unload my boards. I failed to get the name of the first guy that stopped to help (sorry), but the second, Dan Britt of Williams Lifetime Builders, is to be congratulated for taking the time to help an old guy that didn?t tie down a load of lumber properly. Good Samaritans are alive and well in Auburn. Ken Roberts, Auburn