Santa, an extra helping of cheer, please

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Dear Santa, I’m not a kid but I’m a 61-year-old kid-at-heart, and a cancer patient that lost his job after 22 years on Aug. 22, 2010 and I can’t find any work at my age. I used to help the Salvation Army at Christmas time. I would spend about $700 trying to meet the kids’ Christmas wishes list for toys. This one year a 30-year-old man was at home, while his wife and his 2-year-old boy and a 3-year-old girl were at the store. With a long period of time being without work, the 30-year old man committed suicide in the hallway while his family wasn’t home. The kids ask for different toys, which I got for them. Then I said to my wife, those kids have no father to buy them their first bicycle, so along with their Christmas wish I added something to their list — their first bicycle. I missed hearing about the smile on their faces at Christmas. Now I can no longer fill kids’ Christmas wishes anymore. I can’t get the help from any organization or I don’t qualify. I only make $1,603.36 a month and my wife lost her job June of this year. She is also in poor health. She gets Social Security but by the time she pays for her health insurance that leaves her only $200 a month. We can’t pay our bills so we go to the food closet in town to get our food. We have to sell our house but it’s $50,000 below market value. I need help in fixing my house. I have some dry rot and a broken beam in the attic. All I want is to get out of this mess, so I can go back helping the kids with their Christmas wish etc. and hearing about how happy they were on Christmas. If you can help me somehow, I would appreciate it if you can. But if you can’t help me, I will understand and I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year for everyone. P.S. – I also would like to pay back the food closet for all their kindness but I don’t know how to pay them back without a job and a house I need to sell that is falling apart, and I just lost all of my Christmas spirit, and I love Christmas. I hope you have a nice and wonderful Christmas. Thank you, Santa. BOB GRIGGS, a kid-at-heart, Alta