Savage doesn’t belong on force

Reader Input
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We have a cancer in our local sheriff’s department. Lt. (John) Savage, an officer with considerable responsibility, I would assume, showing complete lack of respect for fellow officers trying to do their job by denying them the right to effectively carry out what should have been a fairly routine investigation (Journal, Feb. 2). What kind of an example is this? This kind of conduct is probably acceptable in larger cities with multiple layers of bureaucracy, but in Auburn? I’m sure we will be stonewalled as to what is expected from our police department but speaking on behalf of some of us, we expect more integrity from a first-day rookie. I am a military veteran with World War II experiences in Europe and when people say thank you for your service, I always tell them to say, “Thank you to their police departments. Their lives could be on the line every day whereas mine was over in three years.” We expect better. AUSTIN WARE, Auburn