Save jobs, kill Prop. 23

Reader Input
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I urge you to vote no on Proposition 23, which would stop implementation of AB32, the CO2 reduction bill. Prop. 23 supporters claim that jobs will be lost under AB32. This is false; AB32 will create more jobs for developing alternate fuels. AB32 may be about reducing CO2, but a more tangible benefit of AB32 is to stimulate development of alternate energy. President Carter warned of an energy shortage, saying “... we imported almost 50 percent of our oil in 1979.” In 2009 we imported 65 percent of our oil, most of it from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries. Remember, it was OPEC that created the oil embargo of 1974, which crippled our country, resulting in 55 mph speed limits and a tripling of oil prices — and that was when we imported only 45 percent of our oil. The more oil we import, the more vulnerable we are to the whims of OPEC. And now China is the largest consumer of oil, resulting in more competition for the dwindling world oil supply. The billionaire Koch brothers from New York and Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro have poured money into supporting Prop 23. You should ask why. I’ve worked five decades in high technology. We have the opportunity to take the lead in this new energy area, with huge economic benefit to our state. Alternate energy is certain to grow, but it will only grow in California if we defeat Prop. 23. Ron PAITICH, Auburn