Save the Sierra vocational courses

Reader Input
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I read, with tears in my eyes, how Sierra College wants to eliminate the agriculture, construction and automotive programs (Journal, Jan. 27). So what idiot(s) without any common sense came up with that idea? I know! It would be someone with lots of money to send their kids to four-year colleges! Where would men and women go to learn how to fix automobiles to have a job? Where would men and women go to learn the agriculture industry to have a job? Where would men and women go to learn how to build a house for a job? My ex-husband, Paul Dawley, started teaching at Sierra in the construction classes in the 1960s. He helped build up the program. He had students from across the country attend his cabinet classes. My sister Carol and I took one of the classes to learn how to frame houses in 1972. We worked with our dad in plumbing, electrical and framing for a while. We went to a junior college to learn this, not a four-year college. After finishing the class I married the teacher. I went through the cabinet classes. I have a certificate in cabinet making. It helped with the job I did in our own cabinet shop in Loomis. Where will the men and women go to learn if these programs end at Sierra? Ed Wicks hit the nail on the head in the article on Wednesday. It will be sad for the community if all the vocational programs are closed. How sad that so many students will be left out by not being able to learn a trade and get a job. As the sign in my truck window reads, “Dear Lord, please help find a cure for stupid.” Is there a cure in sight? SALLY PALMER DAWLEY, Auburn