Scam made him quit Facebook

Reader Input
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I joined the crowd a couple of years ago and got on Facebook just like Leslie Carroll (Journal, July 25). About a year later, I learned that somebody had hacked into my account and got the names and e-mail addresses of everybody in my computer address book. They started receiving phony messages from me saying that I was in England and had been robbed. I supposedly needed $4,000 to get back home. Friends told me about the message and we laughed about it. However one man apologized a few months later that he was unable to help me financially as he did not have enough money. Facebook somehow found out about it and apologized to me and said they had taken care of the problem. Too late. I no longer trusted them and canceled my Facebook account. I have received the same scam from friends who did not know their e-mail information had been stolen. Facebook can be fun, but I have gotten along just fine without it for the past six months. Roger Perkins, Auburn