Scam targets grandparents

Reader Input
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About two years ago Gus Thomson wrote a story about the “Grandson in car wreck in Canada” scam that was sweeping the country at the time. I wrote to him because we had nearly been victims of the same scam at that time. It’s been two years since he wrote that story and this morning my wife got a crying, pleading call from our “granddaughter.” She lives in Rhode Island. Supposedly, she was in Mexico, had been in a bad car accident, needed money to get out of the country, and “please, please,” don’t tell her parents. This time my wife started to ask questions. “What’s your brother’s name?”, and the phone went dead. My point is the scam is still alive and people, especially grandparents of driving age grandchildren, need to be reminded of how vulnerable they really are to these professionals. They know just what to say to the grandparents. Just a small suggestion. Dan Tomich, Auburn