School budgets hard to decipher

Reader Input
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Thank you, (Auburn Union School District Superintendent) Michele Schuetz, for responding to my letter to the editor asking the citizens of Auburn to be shown where and how the monies the Auburn Union School District receives are spent (Reader Input, Nov. 28). I looked up that website and admittedly had a tough time deciphering the accounting lingo. But after looking at two pie charts illustrated by Assistant Superintendent of Business and Facilities, Douglas Crancer, the General Fund shows 75 percent going to salaries and benefits and then another called General Fund Restricted has 90 percent for salaries and benefits. Do I read that right? The “devil” is always in the details. What I want to see is the breakdown of how many employees there are in the Auburn Union School District, including on retainers, what each is paid, plus their benefits, pensions being paid, management and confidential broken down and detailed. Taxpayers have every right to know this information. How is it that a student at E.V. Cain can come up with simple cost saving ideas and the people that are in charge can’t? Or is it like Jim Ruffalo suggests (“Looking Behind the Scenes,” Journal, Nov. 28), that the “schools” would rather lay off the janitor and the young teachers before touching the golden eggs of the administration and keeping poor performing teachers? JAMES McKESSON, Auburn