Screaming for ice cream all month

July is National Ice Cream Month
By: Megan Wood, Gold Country News Service
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Eat up Auburn, it’s National Ice Cream Month. As if record-breaking temperatures and afternoons by the pool weren’t reason enough, needing an excuse to eat ice cream this month was never easier. Twenty-five years ago, then President Ronald Reagan declared July as National Ice Cream Month recognizing that a majority of the United States’ population enjoyed the frozen treat regularly. Reagan called for Americans to observe the third Sunday of July as National Ice Cream Day, which this year falls on Sunday, July 19. California has an extra reason to celebrate being the top producer of dairy in the nation since 1993. “(National Ice Cream Month) is especially exciting for California and the dairy farmers,” said California Milk Advisory Board communications consultant Carissa Tourtelot. “It’s a way for residents to support local farmers and enjoy their favorite frozen dessert.” According to the California Milk Advisory Board, there are approximately 1,900 dairy families in the state producing more than 130 million gallons of ice cream a year. This comes as no surprise to local ice cream spots that spend the summer months serving the sweet treat to hungry residents. “July is always a big month for ice cream for us,” said Roseville’s A Dash of Panache owner Scott Alvord. “The temperatures are getting hotter and people come in just for the ice cream.” Auburn Drug Company has been a family ice cream stop where they have been known for their milkshakes and Irish sodas for more than 100 years. “Our milkshakes make us popular. They’re fabulous,” said co-owner Liz Briggs. “The Irish Soda syrup is made here in the pharmacy from a secret recipe that has been handed down for generations.” The historic 12-stool marble ice cream counter has become the go-to place on summer afternoons to beat the heat. “Families have been coming here for years. It’s not unusual to see four generations down at the counter having ice cream,” Briggs said. Down the hill in Roseville, A Dash of Panache carries Gunther’s Ice Cream and regularly rotates its selection of 12 flavors. “I like the Oreo cookie (flavor) because I only like the cookie part and it goes good with vanilla,” said Maya Snow who was cashing in on mom Nina Snow’s promise of an ice cream cone after Girl Scouts. This month peaches and cream as well as lemon sorbet are A Dash of Panache associate Katie Mazza’s selections to help beat the summer temperatures. “They’re both really good and refreshing on hot days,” Mazza said. If “go big or go home” is the mantra for celebrating, the Giant Caboose sundae has you covered. Made with seven scoops of ice cream topped with hot fudge, caramel and whipped cream, the Giant Caboose promises to deliver its namesake Alvord said. Roseville Coldstone Creamery owner Jim Hsu said the pinch on pocketbooks hasn’t affected her customers’ cravings for the cold stuff. “It’s a treat at a price point that people can still afford and enjoy,” Hsu said. “Ultimately people can bring their family out on a Friday or Saturday night for ice cream and spend $10 to $15 and have a fun night out for a little bit.” Ice cream fun at Coldstone Creamery includes two new flavors made with Jell-O pudding that lends a “smooth velvety texture.” Two new creations featuring a chocolate pudding flavored ice cream and a butterscotch flavor are currently available. Even the calorie conscious can celebrate Ice Cream Month by indulging in frozen yogurt. The nonfat, cholesterol-free treat is popular among Rocklin residents who flock to Yogurt De Lite, which offers eight new flavors daily. “Cake batter is our most popular (flavor),” Rocklin Yogurt De Lite owner Jon Sorci said. “We now offer it three times a week and it is always the first to go.” Sorci said their yogurt machines hold about four gallons of the frozen dessert. On a busy day, employees will refill the machines three times to keep up with the steady flow of customers. “It’s a healthy indulgence that’s better than ice cream and satisfies my sweet tooth,” said Yogurt De Lite regular Mari Oxenham. “Eat a yogurt a day and there’s no need to eat any junk food, it’s that good.” __________ Get your scoop (or swirl) on Auburn Drug Company 815 Lincoln Way (530) 885-6524 Baskin-Robbins 13430 Lincoln Way, Auburn, (530) 823-3161 2935 Bell Rd, Auburn, (530) 823-3353 Uncle J’s Yogurt & Ice Cream 1850 Highway 49, Auburn, (530) 888-9686 Foster’s Freeze 403 Highway 49, Auburn, (530) 888-1119 Main Drug Store 3685 Taylor Rd, Loomis (916) 652-7265 A Dash of Panache 217 Vernon St., Roseville (916) 788-4386 Coldstone Creamery 1228 Galleria Blvd., Roseville, (916) 780-4700 4001 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd., Roseville (916) 789-7508 Yogurt De Lite 2351 Sunset Blvd., Rocklin, (916) 624-8888 Big Spoon Yogurt 2168 Sunset Blvd., Rocklin, (916) 786-4655 1182 Roseville Parkway, Roseville, (916) 782-2399