See our society decay still more

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Enough already! The diatribes of Rush Limbaugh (heretofore known as Slimebaugh), forced a reluctant apology from the aforementioned entertainer, as a certain high-profile presidential candidate referred to him and is more slanderous than entertaining. That, coupled with Rep. (Darrell) Issa’s decision not to allow the young woman to testify before his all-male committee is an insult to women and their health issues. The committee member selection process needed some tweaking to include women. The needed involvement of our speaker and president was a waste of time, money and prestige and could have been forestalled by the government staying out of our bedrooms. What we had is a solution looking for a problem. Also, the evangelicals seem to revel in some kind of religious purity and demand compliance to their value system within our political processes. The tyranny from this group is self-evident and only enhances the decay of our society as we know it. The separation of church and state has been an efficient process since our founding fathers and ensures the survival of both. Geary C. Tiffany, Auburn