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Reader Input
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In response to Susanna Hadley’s letter (Reader Input, Feb. 22), I’d like to first congratulate her on recognizing that there are “dog breeders” and then there are people who “breed dogs.” It’s like the difference in buying a car off Craigslist, or the long established reputable dealer. While both can provide a car, the quality and service after the sale vary immensely! Most people don’t seem to realize that a pet purchase is a long-term commitment to add a family member. A reputable breeder will have long established bloodlines, medical history and an understanding of the printed breed standard, along with the immeasurable dedication of the sweat and tears involved in raising animals. The difference in buying from a “reputable” breeder is like day and night. While on occasion a medical issue may arise through no fault of the breeder, the puppy purchase will be worked with to everyone’s satisfaction. As with people, years of medical care and records do not exempt from having a medical problem. Some responsibility must fall on the puppy buyer to do some due diligence! Check out a breeder before you buy. Buying from a website does not guarantee quality, nor does “having papers.” AKC simply means the dog is born of purebred parents; it does not speak to quality. And for the record, crossbred designer breeds are not healthier than purebred! The resulting offspring still carry the genetics of the parents: If they are carriers of anything, so will the pups. The difference is because you have no paperwork to verify parentage, you will never know. Purebred dogs offer the knowledge of breed characteristics, predictable temperament as well as general phenotype, when purchased from reputable breeders! Shawn Brown, Auburn