Selling bank-owned homes is best for economy

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Recently, an article featuring myself and my business partner offering limousine tours for prospective buyers to see foreclosed homes made headlines that have generated phone calls to us from all around the country (Buyers eye foreclosures in style on local limousine tour, Journal, March 10). Despite minimal criticism from a few folks who are possibly not fully informed of what we offer and how we do business, we reiterate that this is merely a twist on resolutions which will, ultimately, stimulate our economy, locally and across many markets. To placate those who have confusedly assumed we are touring the residences of people who are about to lose their homes; please know that we tour bank-owned homes only. The previous owners are vacated, and we have not had any opportunity to help them, or we might have been able to do so. The very best thing we can do for our economy is to get these bank-owned properties off the books of the corporate owners, and allow the new crop of home owners to begin accumulating equity. In the various neighborhoods where we've worked often with bank-owned homes, we see that the owners of surrounding homes are very happy to get the Bank Repo signs out of the neighborhoods. They recognize that having a homeowner there is a much better option to a vacant, bank-owned home, which can attract vandals and decrease their property values. We invite any questions to be directed to us. We believe that arming people with information is always the best way. Please consider contacting me or Sidné (Allinger) directly with any questions. I hope to see you on one of our tours! Nikki Holmes The Gold Rush Group Keller Williams Realty Auburn