Sen. Ted Gaines backs fracking

Reader Input
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California Senators voted against notifying property owners about fracking. Sen. Ted Gaines voted against a bill (SB 1054) that would require well owners or operators to notify ?Surface Property Owners? before they can drill or perform ?hydraulic fracturing operations? that will occur below their property. By blocking this bill, fracking companies do not have to tell you, the property owner, what they are doing under your property where you pump or store your water. In the Midwest, actual earthquakes have occurred where companies were ?fracking for gas.? I called Sen. Gaines? office and asked why he voted against the interest of his constituents. The receptionist read from a prepared statement that said he was against the $500,000 that the state would have to pay to set up this special fund. I looked over the bill and I couldn?t find any place that said $500,000. In fact the Appropriations Committee Fiscal Summary says that a one-time cost of $220,000 would be pulled from the ?Oil, Gas and Geothermal Administrative Fund? financed by energy companies? fees. So, who would be hurt by this bill? Fracking companies. Who would be protected by this bill? Property owners. So who is Sen. Ted Gaines really protecting? Pat Snelling, Garden Valley