Senior couple not helped by new insurance policy

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My wife and I (both on Social Security disability) where elated on our premium savings when we switch to AARP/Hartford Auto and Home Insurance. With our unblemished driving records over the past 20-plus years the savings was considerable. On Oct. 27, my wife backed up in our driveway about 10 feet when she scraped her left front fender on a post I had just installed without her knowledge. Without thinking of the outcome I filed a claim. Total due from Hartford was $1,209. In December we received a letter informing us that our annual premium would be raised, and raised it was 108 percent increase for a minimum of three years. I requested them to reconsider their decision based on our perfect records and was denied. The raise in the annual premium will be 2.5 times more than the claim. They are forcing me to cut my policy down to barebones or find another policy. According to their representative, the statistics show that odds are we will have another accident within the next year. It's hard to believe that AARP has connected their good name with policies like this, things like this hurt the elderly, not help. Tom and Juanita Malone Auburn