Serve and protect, not annoy, harass

Reader Input
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Today, while driving on Auburn Ravine Road and while advising a passenger to be wary of police on the above-mentioned road, a motorcycle policeman pulled along the right side of my vehicle as I stopped at an intersection. I was told to do him a favor, with attitude, and to not speed and to stop at stop signs. I was told that at one point I was doing 42 miles per hour in a 25 zone. I was told that he would be at the other window of my vehicle if he didn’t have a more important assignment. Absolutely guaranteed: I was not driving 42 mph while suggesting to my passenger that he should be careful of the police on Auburn Ravine. In fact, the stop sign in question was one in which I had stopped for twice (read twice) because I thought kids at the corner were about to cross. I’m very very tired of watching for cops instead of paying attention to the road. Auburn police, stand down just a bit. OK, stand down a lot! I’m tired of feeling apprehensive every time I enter Auburn Ravine Road. Stop doing what you’re doing. If someone were really doing 42 and running stop signs, OK, but I wasn’t. I’m a cautious and careful driver. And I could be an even better driver if the road was the complete focus of my attention. Jack Buckman, Auburn