Sheriff’s Department has refined the art of wasting our money

Reader Input
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A $4 million helicopter, for what? I completely agree with Scott Barow (Reader Input, May 3) that we don’t need either helicopter and both should be sold ASAP! All the other extra toys the Sheriff’s Department has should be eliminated as well. How many sheriffs could we have hired for the amount of money they’ve spent on items they’ve never used except in practice? Has anyone thought of combining forces with say, Roseville? Does anyone know if Roseville has a helicopter? Maybe they know better? During the time that we were all watching the news for this decision to be made, my husband and I were pulled over for no sticker on our license plate. We were traveling at night from the Arco on Lincoln Way to our home in Foresthill. All of the sudden, right near Upper Lake Clementine, we had a helicopter hovering over us with a huge blinding bright light. We looked behind us and the sheriff we had seen at the Arco was coming down Foresthill Road about 100 mph towards us, all lit up like the Fourth of July! He could have stopped us right there at the Arco. We weren’t “trying to get away” or speeding. A few minutes later another sheriff arrived and spent at least an hour with us as well. Why did they need to do that for an expired sticker? I wonder how much that cost the Sheriff’s Department and if this is going to be what they are using the two helicopters for. What a total waste of money and time! Wow! Shawn Weaver, Foresthill