Sheriffs’ salary scale clarified

Reader Input
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In my recent editorial (“County employee pay increases mandated,” Another View, July 14) I provided information on the recent raises of various Placer County employee groups. Since then I have been requested by the Placer County Deputy Sheriff’s Association (DSA) to provide clarifying information on the amount of salary increases received by law enforcement personnel under the voter-approved Measure F in the Placer County Charter. Measure F mandates that the salaries of certain Placer County law enforcement personnel be the average base pay paid by three other counties with similar employee classifications. Measure F is tied to the salaries of deputies in Nevada, Sacramento and El Dorado counties. The base pay is reflective of the economy and is necessary to maintain an equity-based pay structure reflective of the region. What may have been unclear was that the 7.33 percent raise mentioned in my editorial was for two management positions in the Sheriff’s Department that are not represented by the DSA. One of those management positions is vacant and unfunded at this time. The raises received by those represented by the DSA ranged from 6.29 percent to 6.33 percent. I did not mean to imply that only Placer County employees represented by the DSA have been exempt from taking furlough days. Certain public safety personnel represented by the Placer Public Employees Organization (PPEO) are also exempt. They include staff members of the jail, juvenile hall, medical clinic and certain employees of sewer maintenance districts, among others. It would be fiscally irresponsible to have public safety and emergency personnel take a furlough day and pay another staff member overtime to cover their shift. Thank you for allowing me to clarify the editorial. Jim Holmes, Placer County Supervisor, District 3