Show pit bulls zero tolerance

Reader Input
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In response to Pat Brandhorst’s letter (Auburn Journal, Oct 16): I hope everybody jumps on the bandwagon and we get pit bull ownership banned. I have zero tolerance and no compassion for these animals. Pat is right on when he says two pit bulls could “easily kill a grown man.” And time and time again, and again, we have seen what just one pit bull can do to a child or adult. I grew up around here and my neck is as red as the dirt here! I live out in the county and if I saw any pit bulls running loose without their owner I would get my rifle and drill them on the spot. Then I would sue the owner for the expense of the ammo, my time and the carcass disposal. I hope the victim(s) of the Auburn attack take a lawsuit approach and even go after the city so they will have pit bulls banned inside the Auburn city limits. Albert Burn, Auburn