Show respect for anthem

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As a proud American, senior citizen and with military service, I was really dismayed by the lack of respect to our flag and national anthem by three high school teenage girls at Friday night’s Placer High JV football game. As the anthem was being played, these girls continued to walk, talk and cavort down the track in front of the Bear River fans respecting this country. As the national anthem ended, the girls were directly in front of me and another senior patriot fan and in unison we both yelled to these girls “next time please show some respect for this country and our flag during the playing of our national anthem.” In total disgust, the three girls just turned away, mocked our comment and continued on their way. What has happened? Pride in one’s country should be taught first and foremost in our schools today and at home. Freedom is earned and should never be taken for granted. On one positive note, two young people who were playing tennis behind the grandstands stopped playing and stood at attention (with their racquets placed over their hearts) during the national anthem. I guess there is still some hope for the next generation. Martin Mortensen, Auburn