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Shrinking population would lessen carbon footprint

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I’m all for people. I can never have too many neighbors. And the checkout aisles in stores? Yeah, man. I say, the more the merrier. Currently, Earth has a population of about 6 1/2 billion people. Well, hurray! But, wait, that’s not enough. I believe we have room for at least 60 billion people. To make room, we have to act now. It’s a big problem with a small solution. We need to genetically engineer humans — perhaps mess around with their pituitary glands — so future generations will only grow to a maximum height of, oh, about 16 inches tall. Yes, about 1/4 the size we are now. Just think of it: houses could be 300 square feet, which will save resources not just in building them but in heating and cooling. Placer’s “Planning” Department could finally beehive as many as 965 houses per acre. Cars could get 200 mpg, reducing pollution. Highway lanes would only be 3 feet across, saving on asphalt. The amount of food we eat would allow wee farmers to grow food which is the same size as it is now, yet would feed four times as many people. A single cow would feed a family for weeks, and maybe months. Clothes would require less material. A 15-inch TV screen would be considered gigantic, even. Our carbon footprint would be tiny because, well, we’d have tiny feet! Of course, by the time we reach 60 billion, we’ll have to downsize again. Taumas Colliver Foresthill