Sick and tired of stupid laws

Reader Input
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The other day I noticed a woodpecker had been damaging my stucco. The next night I noticed it was sleeping, clinging to its destruction. I instantly thought, “Well, I’ll just screw a rat trap to its little perch and eliminate the problem.” Then I thought that there surely was a law protecting the little vandal. I am so sick and tired of boneheaded laws made by boneheaded people. I guess they call it being civilized. I call it being stupid! People are being attacked by mountain lions but we protect the mountain lions. I live where a lion attack is possible anytime and I watch my back each time I walk to my barn. Some would say that the lions were here first. I don’t give a damn who was here first – I am here now and I prefer to be at the top of the food chain! Our all-knowing government seems to think that if they outlaw gun ownership that somehow criminals will not have guns. I say anyone who believes that lives in La-La Land and should have no right to vote. You simply remove the ability of the law-abiding citizen to legally protect themselves. I’m not sure where this country is going but I’ve been watching it head steadily down the toilet. I truly feel our freedom is being hauled away by the truckload. Hell, I’m not even free enough to protect my house from a bird! DENNIS FRANK, Pilot Hill