Silver Bend project not necessary

Reader Input
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I read with interest Jan. 18 the Reader Input by Dale Smith on the Silver Bend project. I have heard all the arguments from the people who support such projects. Teachers, firefighters, police cannot live here because it costs too much, etc. I decided to do an unscientific study and find out for myself. I turned to the classified section at the back of your paper. What I found were nine job offerings and 87 rental properties available. Not one of the job offerings was for the mentioned occupations. The last affordable housing project built here, Palm Terrace, has a large sign out in front offering incentives for new tenants. They have a high vacancy rate. Rents have not increased in years but instead have fallen. Should people wish to buy instead, everyone knows what has happened to home prices in Auburn since their peak in 2005. So why are the county supervisors trying to force something on us we obviously do not need? The only answer I can come up with is that money for this comes from “redevelopment funds” and despite the fact that the county and state are on the verge of bankruptcy this fund is still awash with money. It is not that I am a NIMBY, rather it is the developers who are required to build affordable housing who do not want it in their backyard. They are more than happy to dump it in my backyard whether we need it or not. GEORGE P. HORAN, Auburn