Simply scuttle the county CEO post

Reader Input
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I received a promotion flyer for Measure D last week checking for support to make up a $570,000 operations shortfall with the Placer County Fire Department. I think almost half of the $570,000 could be funded by scuttling the poor idea to replace County CEO (Tom) Miller’s $250,000-plus per year position. Just let it go by attrition, instead. I may be very naïve about the CEO’s job, but I think Mr. Miller’s secretary (who probably does most of the job’s coordination, anyway) could do the job for a reasonable salary increase. I think the four supervisors supporting Measure D (Weygandt, Montgomery, Duran and Holmes) would be a majority to eliminate the CEO position and help fund the county fire department instead of funding a county bureaucracy running rampant. But I also would like to inquire about a figure mentioned in the Measure D brochure: “Eighty percent (of emergency responses) were medical emergencies … (the other 20 percent were fire and rescue.)” What portion of the 80 percent medical emergency responses were double-covered by EMT ambulance services? Could most of the 80 percent have been covered by the private EMT ambulance service only, thereby reducing the shortfall further without reducing fire department staff or equipment (and without increasing our property taxes with a Measure D)? Maybe having the county fire department concentrate priorities (90 to 100 percent of their responses) on fire and rescue — the main logical and emotional argument for making up any shortfall with a parcel tax — not the medical emergencies handled by ambulance EMTs. Mark Wexler, Auburn