Sis boom bah; Go GOP, go!

Reader Input
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Nevada City’s Ron Lowe (Reader Input, Jan. 18) seems to think only the GOP exercises “a form of tyranny.” What in the world would you call the Democrats locking the GOP out of any meaningful discussion on the Democrat’s socialistic takeover of the U.S. healthcare system? As the Democrats continue to take over the U.S. industries of banking, automobiles and healthcare in fascist fashion, the public would do well to encourage Republican obstructionism, proposing that the U.S. cut back on governmental, bureaucratic control of our lives. “How un-American” for Republicans to have a voice in our political system? Let’s hope that more Republicans become “constitutional teabaggers.” The progressive’s onward plunge into national socialism is destroying the American republic. Looks to me like the most liberal state in the union, Massachusetts, took their freedom back. Beryl Smith, Auburn