Slow the global corporate drivel machine

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The advertising sleezeballs who market our political candidates are of the same ilk who portray BP as a “green” company. Those with the resources to employ them crudely manipulate public opinion. It’s no wonder we’re in the shape we’re in, with many believing gay activists, labor advocates, welfare mothers, and illegal aliens are the cause of all our problems, not the rich rip-off artists who sabotage our economy for personal gain and keep us dependent on polluting fuels. Dismal as this picture looks, a step in the right direction might be to loosen their grip on our thinking by requiring all advertisers to subsidize an equal amount of air time for rebuttals which must instantly accompany their ads. They would not be allowed to edit their ads, after the fact, and could only challenge the rebuttal with another ad which would also have a rebuttal, etc. It would be parallel to the requirement that cigarette and drug ads list side effects. Some might argue that such balanced dialogue would discourage advertising altogether. My, how would we ever figure out what’s up without precious input from the global corporate drivel machine? Jim Beall, Sr., Auburn