Solution to unhappy dumping grounds

Reader Input
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I been thinking about our problem with people dumping sofas, mattresses and other possessions they no longer want (Journal, Jan. 19). A few years ago I tried to get rid of two box springs from a vacant lot behind my house by hauling them to the street on “clean up” day. Unfortunately, Recology Auburn Placer does not pick up things bigger than 3-feet-by-3-feet-by-3-feet on “clean up” day. Auburn City and Placer County officials need to negotiate an arrangement with Recology Auburn Placer to pick up bigger items on “clean up” day as they did in the past. This would help solve the problem in two ways: (1) people would be less likely to dump if they can get rid of big things on “clean up” day, and (2) volunteers could pick up dumped items and put them out on the street on “clean up” day. Walton Perkins, Auburn