Specifics lacking in anti-business carp

Reader Input
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Re: “California, sadly, not business-friendly,”?Grant Shaw, (Reader Input, Jan. 5). Like you, politicians generalize about taxes, fuel prices, jobs, healthcare and Social Security because most people are too lazy to do their own homework. As a software engineer owning a small business, just how has “non-business-friendly” California affected your business? Taxes? As a corporation, your federal taxes in 1986 were 34 percent. In 2011, they are 35 percent. Hardly a deal-breaker. Your California income taxes in 1986 were 6.25 percent. Currently it’s 7.25 percent. OK, so, overall, your tax liability is 2 percent higher. Now, are you telling me, as a businessman, you can’t come up with enough write-offs to make up that difference? What kind of new regulations are hurting your business? Don’t generalize. Be specific. Generalities like, “the most damaging factor is the attitude of those who populate the political party currently in power” are meaningless. Want to go back to Reagan’s 28 percent tax rates and tripling of the national debt? Or, maybe Eisenhower’s 92 percent tax on $200,000. Today’s tax liability is the lowest it’s been since 1938. Regulation doesn’t create uncertainty. Non-regulation does. Anyone can make money in a good economy. It takes a real businessman to make money in a bad economy. Gary L. Vogt, Auburn