Spend the CEO search monies

Reader Input
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To say that I was disappointed in Sunday’s editorial (“CEO search shows county continues to crave our cash,” Our View, March 11) is an understatement. The main premise is that hiring an outside search firm to recruit an experienced, energetic CEO for Placer County is a waste of our hard-earned taxpayers’ money, and the work should be done in-house by the “personnel department.” This premise is short-sighted, superficial and not even managerially sound. At this moment, we have a superb opportunity to bring new and creative ideas to this top spot! It’s a chance to stop thinking like government usually does, and rise to the level of public sector service that we should demand from our county CEO in the leadership that he or she will show us. We have a general fund budget in excess of $700 million. Expecting proven talent and an arms-length process for recruiting and assisting the board of supervisors in its evaluation and selection is surely in our best interest. I am saddened that this public statement in our community newspaper could be read by the perfect potential candidate who may ponder if this shallow thinking is indicative of Placer County residents, and then decide that it’s not the place to come if you “think outside the box”… or better yet, aren’t sure there is a box. Stephanie Snyder, Auburn