Sports should cover Auburn

Reader Input
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Why does the Auburn Journal read more like the Colfax Record or Loomis News when it comes to the sports section? It is the Auburn Journal and those two areas do have their own paper. When I reviewed the Colfax Record and Loomis News online they are truly focused on the sports at their respective high schools. Why do we have all these big articles including pictures of Colfax and Del Oro teams all the time? This isn’t new for the Auburn Journal to do this but seems to be getting worse. Most recently the big article about a freshman Colfax football player and his dad including picture, the next day a big article about Colfax varsity player Tom Baldoni including picture, article and big picture of Del Oro’s girls golf team, etc. By the way, didn’t Placer girls golf team take the GIF championship for the first time ever? Where is that big article and all the pictures? I’m not saying not to have any coverage of our surrounding competition but why is Placer covered like the unwanted stepchild? Even when there is something on Placer the size of the articles has great discrepancy. Why doesn’t the Colfax Record and Loomis News have a ton of Placer sports in their papers? Come on Auburn Journal, wake up and have some common sense. JOEY MITCHELL, Auburn