State needs to curb spending

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I read with amusement how liberals screamed when the New Jersey governor declared a fiscal emergency and took action to stop the hemorrhaging of money. New Jersey, like California, is on the verge of bankruptcy. The governor took action to immediately freeze all state spending by use of his executive powers. What is wrong in Sacramento? Like vampires being confronted with holy water, the Democrats had an allergic reaction to the governor’s common sense move. They demanded to be part of the solution. The people that have a spending addiction want to make suggestions how to reduce the absurd outflow of cash? It is time for all elected government officials with hypersensitivity to rational thinking to get a cure and follow New Jersey’s lead and stop burning money you have to borrow. Stop jockeying for a position in line at the government slot machine with our money! Come November, more common sense leaders and not emotionally unstable addicts will be elected by the thinking independents and the Tea Party movement. JOHN T. NIGHTINGALE, Auburn