Stations of the Cross on display at Forest Lake Christian School

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As Easter approaches, high-schoolers at Forest Lake Christian School presented a display this week called “Journey to the Cross,” a display of the Stations of the Cross, depicting the events of Jesus Christ’s last week on Earth. The students created dioramas for the project, which is divided into stations with information about events such as Christ’s accusation and conviction, whipping, death and resurrection.

“They’ve made these dioramas and you go in and experience and read, and it’s quite a moving experience,” said Jim English, father of Alyson, 15, and Emily, 17, who created the project three years ago.

Some stations are quite graphic, and the exhibit was intended for older students and children accompanied by parents, explained David Wickstrom, high school principal. Historically, he said, there was not a process of execution more brutal than crucifixion, and it was the goal of the students to display it in as accurate a manner as they could.

“For a Christian, the idea is to demonstrate what Christ, the son of God, experienced on behalf of those that he had created,” Wickstrom said.

~ Krissi Khokhobashvili