Stay and see state prosper

Reader Input
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I’m sorry that Dave Imgrund feels he should move to Texas (Reader Input, Nov. 5). I think that he should stick around to see what Jerry Brown and Democrats can do. It just may be that California will end up financially healthier than the rest of the nation. We may find it works out better to support the average man rather than the super-rich. Regardless of what Tom Sullivan says, do we really want to go back to pre-union days when workers had no rights and were essentially slaves to their bosses? Unions have improved workers’ lives immensely (minimum wage, 40-hour work week, etc.) and still companies make plenty of profits. Unless Mr. Imgrund is very well off I doubt that Meg or Carly would have helped him at all. Stay here, Mr. Imgrund. The best is yet to come! Paulette Walter, Colfax