Stay aware of prostate cancer

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So much fire tragedy that this month being Prostate Cancer Awareness, it's lost in the turmoil, "but losing a loved one to this disease is also tragic. TV3 mentioned that 30,000 fellas die each year from this cancer. My Dad died from it and I started getting tested annually to see if it's started on me. Last year the prostate antigen count went up and I figured 'here It comes.' but then I ran across a lecture on Disc No. 2 of 7 DVDs and a diet book by Dr. Kent Hovind, sci, Phd. He described a cancerless society where the people consumed, even bathed in apricot seed oils (Shangri la?). So June 2008 I started to munch down 3 seeds daily for a year. This July, unhappily, a PSA test showed an increased amount, but that's normal for older folks. The important point was the size had shrunk, yes; the count can go up for many reasons. Had I proved anything? Nooo, can't say I have, but I still don't have cancer. The diet can't cure a cancer once started, but the risk goes down. See for yourself at Mr. Hovind feels the cyanide-benzeldahyde-protein union which makes Vitamin B17 is the reason, doesn't trust the synthetic B17 on a store shelf. Good Luck. GEORGE LASATER, Auburn Retired radiologlcal monitor