Stop the excuses: Adult school makes exercise fun

By: Your Views
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Re: Gyms reach out to seniors (Journal, March 10). Thank you very much for an article emphasizing the importance of diet and exercise for seniors. We are fortunate to live in an area that offers a variety of exercise experiences. One can choose from martial arts to Curves, a gym specifically for women. Unfortunately, it is also easy to make excuses not to exercise. Many seniors are living on a fixed income, which does not allow for any extras, but does provide an excellent excuse to not exercise. Placer Adult School offers free exercise programs for seniors. Our own Kathy Kaplan has a wide variety of exercises from chair exercises to Tai Chi and clogging. There is definitely something for everyone. You only have to be a senior. There is something to be said for exercising with a generation who remembers Elvis and Bing Crosby. Thanks to Kathy, I can out-shop my sedentary friends, get into my size 8 pants and find my way home. And, there is icing on the cake. Kathy has a degree in nutrition, and on Fridays there is a nutrition and cooking class, also free. If you don’t think exercising can be fun, come and try us out at the corner of First Street and E Street. If I can do it with my achy knees and erratic heart, so can you. However, I may not be there. Kathy may kill me for the cake and icing comment. Nutrition is one thing she takes very seriously. Dixie Munoz Auburn