Stop the oil apocalypse

Reader Input
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All living creatures on Earth are facing a disaster of biblical proportions with the breach in the Earth surface that is now spewing oil and soon to create the “Mexican Dead Sea.” And what are the leaders in Washington doing? President Obama will hold his first meeting with co-chairs of an oil spill commission he tapped to probe the “worst oil spill in U.S. history” and make policy recommendations about U.S. offshore oil drilling. Also, U.S. Attorney General (Eric) Holder will meet with federal prosecutors and state attorneys general in New Orleans to survey the damage before what legal experts believe will be a criminal investigation into the disaster. The time is now to focus all efforts to close the hole on the ocean floor and stop the finger-pointing. If the president, Congress, EPA, Department of Energy, the media or the ruling class has the answer they should step forward and give it now. If they do not, then they should step aside and stop the threats of imprisonment to the only people on Earth making the effort to stop this environmental apocalypse. JOHN T. NIGHTINGALE, Auburn