Streetscape ideas getting too big

Reader Input
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I have been attending the Streetscape committee meetings as an observer. I am disappointed that more members of the public have not attended. No more funds will be available for several years but the whole layout from the Chana statue to the chamber of commerce is being decided now. My concern is that the information on the pavers and plaques be correct. Overall I think the plans have gotten too big. They are trying to do too much. The more they put on the street the more they take away from the original look of the city and impede traffic flow. Old Town is a historical district. Any more décor on the street will take away from the look. When I served on the Historic Design Review Committee it was a struggle to keep to the correct signage and building material for their era. I don’t think all the new attractions on the streets will necessarily bring tourists. When I managed the Placer County Museum Gift Shop and Information Center in the Courthouse I talked to tourists. They do not come for banners and flower baskets. They want to see historic sites, buildings and the original town. Many times I tried to send the visitors up the old Lincoln Highway to Downtown. I would direct them from the window and send them off with a map then see them drive out of the parking lot and turn right onto Auburn Folsom Road. Let’s downsize and be more realistic. DONNA HOWELL, Auburn