Streetscape inconvenience worth it

Reader Input
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This is an answer to new resident Sara Ann Ough. Dear Ms. Ough: With all due respect about your comment in the paper regarding the loss of business during the Streetscape project (Reader Input, Nov. 17), we would like to direct you to Downtown, either city hall or Central Square, where you can read and inform yourself completely about the project and how it came about. When you inform yourself you will realize that this project was very necessary and welcomed by all the businesses in Downtown. It is a culmination of many years of working and study to get to this point. Our sidewalks in many areas had become liabilities for the city and businesses. Downtown needed very much the facelift it is getting. Yes, we lose some business temporarily at this time, but everyone will gain permanent benefit in the long run. There comes a time when we all have to sacrifice something at one time or another. If you want to win the lottery, you buy the ticket. We go home at night and sleep while the contractors, PG&E and workers work around the clock so as not to interfere with the businesses during the business hours and because they want the project done in a timely fashion. Our store, The Golden Swann Jewelers, has a lot of loyal local customers who still come to see us and support us and I am sure also the different businesses Downtown. Let’s be united and stand behind the city and the contractors and workers and finish this beneficial project and make Downtown Auburn a beautiful place for people to shop and visit, spend time and enjoy themselves. I hope we did not hurt your feelings. That is not our intention. Ben Asgharzadeh and Margareta Swann, The Golden Swann Jewelers